Flooring installations


Flooring installations

At Ramirez Carpet & Tile, you are the authority, the one who has the final say, the Person In Charge of your flooring installation. We hold the belief that your home’s renovations should begin, advance smoothly and finish according to your wants and guidelines, all the way from the beginning to the final touches.

Your renovation, your fiscal responsibility and your confidence in us are truly significant to us, and we make a great effort to make sure that we meet and surpass every one in accordance with the style that you need.

Our highly qualified installation team is trained and sworn to taking the steps to ensure that you gain precisely all of the things you expected throughout the course of the installation process, aesthetically, and monetarily.

From a majestic revitalizing flooring or fixture, to an altogether modern theme, if we make the commitment you can be certain that we'll meet your expectations every time. Ramirez Floors has spent a long time crafting bonds with the Beaumont area by giving quality service and never failing our clients.

What we don’t want to do is exhaust your time or your money. Your allotted time and your monetary limits aren't merely suggestions to us, they're our foremost considerations. We identify with the fact of how important it is for you to have your flooring installation performed on time, and at Ramirez Carpet & Tile, extending past your financial limit is inconceivable.

The completed look that you have always imagined at the end of the installation is our most important concern. From tearing out overworked furniture, fixtures and flooring, to installing the fresh ones, and a variety of things that fall in that category. We'll even do away with the mess for you.

To make a request for an installation plan today, call (409) 838-5229, e-mail us at ramirezcarpetandtile@yahoo.com or find us at our store in Beaumont.




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